The choices we make

Mother’s day and Father’s day are bitter sweet for Sir and I.

As luck would have it our Mother’s are still around.

Father’s….well. I was both lucky and unlucky to have many men that stepped up and raised me. They are all long gone now.

I didn’t realize that’s why my mother was looking to get together this weekend. I’ll reach out to her today. As humans we deal with loss, but it’s the choices we make that cause both the greatest loss and joy.

I could have had children very young or decided not to give up on the infertility treatments. I could have adopted. There are many could have, should have’s in life. The truth, if I did, I would not be sitting here writing this today.

There are times where my life is scary, I won’t lie about that. Times where the responsibility to myself is more than seems bearable, but I  have a good life. So this morning as I’m doing  laundry and going through the motions I started thinking of those  moments in life, where my decisions could have impacted where I ended up.

I know I don’t bear this burden alone. It’s sad that Sir deals with the same issues. So today is a big hug to him. We are not alone.

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