Just life

Feels like a while since I sat and wrote. Work is busy, but moving in the right direction. I haven’t had a moments rest.

It was one of those weeks where you don’t even have time to think, so what else is next. I have a massive sinus infection and made two trips to the urg-care. My old dog tried to jump on the couch and sprain his knee. Sir is waiting for his next appointment.

Until last night neither of us said what we both know, that no plans can be made for now and July will pass without a visit. It’s good timing wise because I can’t take any time off for the next couple of months, so if he did come, he’d being hanging out with L, not me.

Though all of the madness I was able to keep up my yoga. I even made it to solstice in times square and took a class by my favorite teacher after crazy lady of course. It was magical, laying in corpse pose with all the craziness around me, totally zoned out. Oh and thanks to the creepiness that is the cameras in nyc, Sir got to watch the entire thing. I wore my brightest clothes, so I was easy to spot.

For now my kinky adventures are on pause and I’m ok with it. Too much is going on in life to miss it. I have a list that has to be done, so the time for sitting is over.


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