FU monday

First off… I had no computer, crazy meetings then the world said here you go, sit on this bitch.

C texted.

I’ve been waiting for it. I knew it was coming. She used the excuse of my goddaughter. God she’s grown, too pretty for words. I texted her briefly, then shut her down.

N is dropping. So far the bitch hasn’t surfaced, but I’m sure it will. 

Then more crap at work and the only decent person on the vendor side is off the project. Fml

Funny note- in conversations with n, I advised her I’ve gone vanilla. Let me mansplain. 

Looking back on my actions and others reactions, I fucked up last year. My ass was bruised then entire summer and I did give one fuck. I still went swimming and to the beach like nothing. I gave crappy excuses that no one believed. It affected others and I knew that but didn’t care. So this summer with Sir being home, let’s see if I can’t blend in a bit better.

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