I guess because life is about learning and growing.

I told Sir last night there’s been no blog because along with being trapped in board rooms all day, I’d do nothing but bitch.

Wednesday in the middle of a rather long meeting I went to my desk to eat lunch and my mother called. The dog I gave her oassed away. 

I often say when describing parts of my life it’s like a jerry springer show, this catapulted it straight yo an old country song. Even the fucking dog died.

At the sane time I’m dealing with a bunch of other shit. C started texting me, like nothing happened. My other 2 senior dogs are sick. Work is stressful. I could go on and on. 

Today, I said fuck it….I’M done bitching.

I found a good three hour backend workshop for next saturday (get this sir, on the upper east) and register for it. Three hours of improving backend prep. I’m trying to make sure every weekend I have something good to look forward to, because the weekdays have been extremely difficult. 

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