My Cunt has Died

Yesterday N declared next Saturday we are going out. The three of us.

How about ask me what my plans are before you make such declarations? I have a three hour back bend workshop and and three hour commute time connected to it. After 6 hours of that do you really think that a fetish club is what I am physically even able to enjoy?

Her answer- just watch. Well, guess what, that’s exactly what I did the last time and I have to say it was nothing at all that interested me. There were no epic scenes, no pretty rope work. Not even one well dress Domme to try to make conversation with. The only thing it had going for it was some of my friends were there, but honestly I could have met them for a drink and had a better time.

I think my cunt may be broken. Nothing makes me wet. Even the last time N and I were together I had a really hard time getting excited. Has kink lost it’s allure for me? It just might have…..or I’m just staying calm for Sir? Who knows, but even as I look at the stream of visuals on Fet, I can say wow that’s pretty or intense, but there’s no want to experience any of it.

Maybe it’s just my blah on my dark weekend? Honestly I don’t even feel that dark. Has the affect of the weekend died? I think it might have, guess we will see tomorrow.

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