An orgasm will make it all better

After this emotional roller coaster of a day, N picks me up.

We had went out the other night to dinner, movies and toy shopping with FGD. Can’t let a new toy go to waste sitting unused. We planned to chat, play and try to lift each other’s spirits. I fill her in on all the stuff that had just come to light a few minutes earlier.

She was down because her family was in cali and they left her behind in charge of many many children. They told the extended family it was because she had to work, but that was a total lie. They sent her a pick and she was hurt.

We watched a show and then started kissing on the couch. I went to pull her hair and she stopped me, saying no, don’t go all sadist on me, she needed soft. Thank god she did because with all of the emotions going through me yesterday I would have been very cruel to her. I stopped and reset my brain. I started to lick her and in less than a minute She was cuming. There are few things prettier than looking up and seeing that total release of inhibitions when a woman cums.

I held her as she shakes and trembled.

Sir called and said he was back in but would be heading to bed in 45 minutes. He did not know that we had already started playing. So we moved into the bedroom. She is learning my body much more and I had called sir as she was fingering me and I was on the verge of exploding. It was all very soft and the most vanilla either of us have had in a very long time, but it wasn’t about the kink. Sir allowed me to cum and I have no idea how long or how many, but the boring sex hipsters upstairs got an earful.

She held me tight until I returned. Even with vanilla, I still subspace from an orgasm. Our toy purchase was a 16 inch flexible double sided dildo. She had never used one and had no idea the “how”. I have with O, so I took the lead. I put her side in first and let her get used to the feeling as she has never been fucked by a woman. Knowing I have the much tighter cunt, I would be the one to drive the thrusts. I out it in me and we laid cunt to cunt as my tight muscles grinded, in seconds we were clit to clit and she was moaning. I had the phone next to since she said she wanted us to both cum at the same time. I called Sir and he said call back in a minute. I was all sensation, no brain and I called back in what turned out to 11 seconds. Oops, I called a third time and we both came like beasts. All giggles and cuddles. I told her that was the first time I had cum since the last time we were together. No wonder I’ve been suck a rank and nasty bitch. She kidded that this Monday people would wonder why we were both so nice at work.

Sir went to bed and we went back on the couch. A bit more chatting and I stretched out on her lap, falling asleep in good spirits. She had stayed over with FGD the night before, so at about 1 she woke me and headed home.

Sir had texted me a play by play of his end of the calls and it was funny. He knows when I get in that space of total need to release I recall very little of the things I say or more correctly try to say. It was the first time N saw me go non-verbal and my brain is just gibberish in my need to get permission.

Today I fell better, a bit sore, but my head is calm.

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