Ever sit back and watch Karma at work?

It’s the most amazing thing. I’ve known something was up with the ex, but didn’t care to find out the details. Yesterday they were placed in my lap by his ex. Oh, karma really is a bitch.

Rock solid info and she was bursting to tell me, but in a way testing the waters first to see how my mind frame was. If I would have cried when I saw my step-son she would have held it in, but I didn’t and I was generally in a happy mood. I had set aside a bit of money to shove in his pocket for a report card that was well above any he has had before. As soon as I walked in he got up and gave me a big hug. In the last couple of months he’s had a growth spurt and even with heels on he’s a few inches taller than me. His voice has changed and my sweet little boy is now a young man. He still is a mush and I got a big hug that was more like a cuddle and he whispered that he missed me. There were not tears, just laughs and smiles.

In hind sight I knew something was up because her sister has been really silent lately. We are very close friends and I normally hear from her much more, but she promised not to speak a word of what recently occurred. She totally broke that promise the second she saw her sister wanted to spill the beans. She told me that she was keeping a secret, so I asked her if I asked yes or no questions would she answer. I managed to get the high level stuff. She said get 2 Coors lights into her sister and I’d get the rest. Turns out no beers were needed.

A big problem we always had was his drinking. Insert Karma.

Over the July fourth weekend him and his fiance got into a fight. She had gone out all night drinking and came in on the holiday morning and attacked him. The cops were called and restraining orders were filed against her. Notice I said orders…..her two year old daughter was there. she went after her too. Side-note, the girls not his.

So he deals with the cops and then takes the kid to his family’s house. The fall out is he now has temporary custody of the child. The father didn’t want her and the girls family was already listed as unfit (that must be another story I don’t know) so family court told him she’d be placed in foster care. He stepped up and is now a single dad, working two jobs and raising a two year old for the foreseeable future.

But…it doesn’t stop there. Somehow his ex got his fiance and me ex to talk and she found out why she lost custody of her first born. She had gotten drunk and high on pills one night. She was married to the father, he had a daughter from a prior relationship. They got into a fight and the daughter got in the middle of it and this POS bit her, breaking the skin and had to be force ably removed and was hospitalized.

All I have to say to my ex is wow, you really know how to pick em. He thought he was going to get a fun drinking partner and ended up with a toddler. At 32 he wanted no more children, so I sit here with none, but at 43 you get to start over, all on your own, way to go fuck head.

This explains why he was so civil when I had to contact him regarding my vision insurance a couple of weeks ago.

It also turns out he stopped telling people I was sick, instead he tells them the truth-ish. He says the divorce papers are all signed and sealed. He leaves out the delivered parts, so everyone thinks we are officially divorced. I wonder when he goes back to family court how he’s going to get around that lie. He’s going to have to say he still married, since the courts don’t have those papers back. Hard to get custody of a child, when there’s a third party sitting right over the bridge.

You see my ex really isn’t a bad person. I wouldn’t have married him if he was. To me, he was the safe option. I knew he drank and cheated and was lazy, but he was never evil and when shit hit the fan, he usually did the right thing. So I wish him luck. May him and his daughter be happy together.


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