After some analysis

I have concluded that I did suffer from drop yesterday.

I make it a point to never be kinky with n. I keep it very vanilla lesbian. Honestly because I can’t deal with her drop. Well I can, as long as I’m not the cause of it.

Even having said that, I still drop from our time together and here’s the reason. Sir. Yup, even n and i’s vanilla sex is still a scene between Sir and I because of the orgasm control aspect. That’s why I subspace after I cum.

This works for all three of us, kinda. N likes to hold me when I space and bring me back. Sir like the control, the only problem is my drop. 

With Sir not being well, I’ve back off of any play. There’s so many reasons why, but one of then is I feel it is unfair for Sir to help when I get like this. 

Oh well, it’s gone now.

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