Big Hug

We just hung up from our third or fourth call this morning. It’s time for them to take you into surgery and I wish I was there in person holding your hand. A talk for another time I guess. I researched the doctor and he seems as good as your getting, but there was still a part of me that wanted to put my foot down and take you to the city where the doctors are better.

I didn’t, only because I know you need a medical team near you. L wanted to do that too.

Going back to yesterday’s blog about the start of things. I can now appreciate how lucky we both were to find each other. I may not say it, but thank you for letting me…be me. Thank you for being sane, lol, sounds funny, but a super true statement. I set out to find a partner in a D/s fashion and you’ve lived up to that every step of this crazy journey we are on.

So my hope is right now, they are fixing your issue and in a couple of weeks I will be able to give and receive that big hug, no matter where it is.

Today, I’ll keep busy and L will help. N will come by later for hugs. All of your friends reached out to me too last night. My french shadow even made his best attempts to cheer me up. Sadly he still refuses to grow his hair for me.

I have to get up and start now or I won’t get up.

We have too much to look forward to, so I will stay strong for you.

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