It’s the waiting that sucks

Yesterday was a long day. Many texts of well wishes.

I started and finished my rehab project, had l over for coffee. He kept wanting to take me places, but I needed to wait. At around 2 pm Sir finally called. The hospital was directed to call me but didn’t. He was pissed and still very drugged from the surgery. Later we were able to laugh about it. He was like a little kid. Telling me about the pain and giving the nurses a hard time.

When he called  a few hours later, he was back to his normal self, the self before all of these issues. He sounded strong again, happy, hopeful. Hell, he even mentioned something kinky. That’s when I knew he really was feeling better and not just putting on a good face for me.

There were no texts last night and I’m hoping it was because for the first time in months he was able to sleep. He hasn’t slept well this entire year.

After we spoke I took a nap. It felt like I spent the entire day holding my breath. N came by for a chat, I fed her, she’s shitty at doing that for herself. I sent out a text to all thanking them for their well wishes and then went to bed. Today should be good, I took off knowing I would mentally need a break and I do. I’m going to get in a yoga practice, run some errands and then meet n and the hostess for a girls dinner in the city.

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