Sorry Sir, it’s been a while..

Thanks for understanding that with work and life the way it’s been, sitting down to type out anything in blog form has been impossible.

Not much has happened that’s really worth documenting here.

I made headway in winning over one of the vendors and the project is moving forward again. I’ve spent the greater part of the week trapped in a boardroom. The next three weeks will be a similar story.

N has been MIA due to family stuff. FGD has been off screwing around as is his normal. L is limiting his needy subbieness, in great part to his chats with you. SMG is off in Hawaii for a wedding. The hostess is, well, hosting all the while I have been just in work mode.

I’ve been debating on the moving plan. Turns out I really have 2 options. I can get a slightly small place for more money on the Upper East or a bigger place for slightly more money in the really nice part of my current neighborhood. Either option makes getting to places less convenient. I’m leaning towards the bigger place. That one has the possibility of a formal dining room and office, even a terrace. Getting to the gym would be a much longer walk, but the upper east would be a similar issue. Either way I’m looking at spending an extra 300 a month in rent. I think it may have to be put off for a year or two. Financially I need to build up a nest egg prior to doing either in order to be mentally ok with the added expense.

Today L from work and I are off to some fancy pool and beach club, it’s storming now, but as is NYC summer weather, it promises to clear up soon.

N says she’s coming by tonight, but I know if she has the choice she will go to FGD instead. So I’m not counting on that and it’s ok. Tomorrow I have much to do as I have to get back to the painting I started last weekend. It’s driving me nuts that it’s not finished and I have L’s party tomorrow evening.


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