Just another week….

Just another drama, just another issue, just another project finished.

Wish that project was of the work type, but nope.

The drama was with N and the long gone husband returning. the issue, all work stuffs, the project, step one in the three steps to complete the apartment that I’ve refused to make home for almost three years now.

I’ve run the numbers a hundred times and come to the reason, moving is not an option until late 2018, that means due to my lease July of 2019. So might as well fix the place up a bit.

Work is work, I push, they fight, I eventually win. The useless manager has finally resigned and that opens up the budget for another promotion. Now it’s just a waiting game and negotiation.

N … that’s a different story. We are all waiting. The calm will break and this will turn into a thing. The kinda thing where the cops get called. A total of 5 cops near her, including 2 sargents are on alert. Sometimes coming from a small town environment helps. For all the shitty things you have to put up with, in a matter of 10 minutes I was able to get her off the record help. It’s all in who you know, not the way the law is set up.

Her son is home and that allows me to breathe a little. I know he’s the one that can help her with him the most.

Enough of that….Sir got cleared by the doctor, so L will be picking him up on Thursday. He sounds like his old self. I haven’t said this to him, but I fear this is going to be his last visit with his best friend, you know, that little dog he likes more than me?

I’ve done everything I can to extend his life and love him as well as I know how. Yet I look at him and you can see the age, see he’s tired, sick, it’s sad.

I never wrote about how I got him. I’ve touched on why he acts somewhat cat like, but not the story of Him. That will be a blog for another time. Today I can’t go back to tell the tale of who I was then, but some day soon I will.


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