It’s been a while…

Since I’ve blogged, since I’ve dealt with cramps, both I guess I’m doing now. Neither do I really want to do. So please don’t expect much.

Part of me wants to have a discussion regarding this still left unsaid. I just don’t have the energy for that. I don’t want to fight, hell, even if I did our fights are boring. I will bring up one thing that sits badly with me.

I asked for more info, you know, details rather than Dom answers. When you were leaving the fair last week, I got from you …friend a and friend b, how about saying some names? It’s too long into this relationship to be so…. aloof.

(rant written and deleted)

A meditation pillow will not fix that.

You would think based on what I’ve written so far, I’m in a bad mood. I’m not. I’m oddly in a very happy mood. The weather has cooled, I sleep easier, I have a weekend planned of just things I want to do. Hell, I even had yesterday off and work didn’t bother me all day. I had forgotten about it and trusted my employees to call if they needed and I guess they didn’t.

I took this weekend to do the things I’ve put off, I like to do that sometimes. Clear out the I’ll get to it list. The timing is important because Monday officially starts the new position at work. Also next weekend my DE cousin is coming up for a visit and we will be busy doing things that have nothing to do with clearing out my junk drawers.

On the phone with my mother….finish later.


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