Goodbye stress

About 7 months ago the bride and I brought tickets to a yoga weekend. We joked thay she could be very pregnant by then, but it didnt matter,  we’d go anyway. 

So today I wake up with the sun, no work phone, limited cell service, on a room with a very pregnant women in the other bed, I guess the bride will soon be known as the mother.

Funny how some pregnancies get to me, but not hers. 

It really could not have come at a better time, both of us stressed to the point of melt down. Each of us for very different reasons.

Let’s go back to thursday. I told my office I’ll be offline until monday morning. Thats actually a really big deal at my new level. I told l I’d be offline too, since he’s a big source of unnecessary stress. 

I hit the vitamin store for protein drinks and brought this drink to promote relaxation by raising dopamine levels.

Friday we left in the afternoon and took a three hour drive north, leaving nyc summer behind and driving straight into winter. A quick clothing change and off to dinner. It sucked, but it was food and after a week long virus, I would have eaten anything. 

Back at the Inn by 730 because there is literally nothing to do here, like nothing at all. We chat and I decide to drink have the stress free drink, not even 10 minutes later I am dead to the world.

Waking up like a Disney princess as the sunrises, off to day one of the event.

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