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Back to “normal”

So just like thanksgiving and black Friday, yesterday I was blah, off, numb, machine like and devoid of most feelings.

Turned out sir was blah to. We have a routine that we enjoy. I had horrible insomnia, now sir tucks me in and I sleep solid, securely. Then I wake up and I see texts or emails. I know he thinks of me, I respond in kind, first thing every morning. Then I write to him through the day, emails blogs texts, so he always knows what I am thinking. So our communication is kept wide open. No secrets. He dies the same. I love to hear his voice and we are getting really good with the “short” phone calls(but I never want them to end).

Yesterday was the first day that routine was broken. We were so busy, little time alone.

Sir did beat me to the 6pm one month anniversary call. That meant so much.

It’s funny, to most vanilla couples yesterday would have been considered a day of good communication, but not to us.

We agreed at around 9pm there was no one thing that lead to the blah mood, just a bunch of little things. Snowball effect.

Waking up this morning looking and seeing my email with the command- no more blah!!! And I was happy. A list of tasks, such sweet words of endearment as we will see each other in just days(would be more specific but I don’t know the schedule yet;).

I long to be in his arms, on his lap, him petting my hair, telling me “good girl”, no kink, just emotion, mutual affection, security in the fact that I am his, I am owned, I am his slave.