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A new state of mind

I have just came back from a totally new and different slave state and I don’t want to loose these thoughts.

There was much build up to this discovery- more on that later.

Sir rewarded me well for my obedience tonight. I was so dripping wet when I got home he let me have the binder clip on my clit, then 2 fingers in my cunt hole, then how wet was I? Could I get 4, yes, then five, the twist twist, sir says I can come, counts back from 10. At one I cum. I fall right into a new state. He asks is the blanket near me. Yes it is. But I don’t need it. I’m not huddled, shaking. I’m spread eagle, mouth open eyes rolled back. No brain at all, paralyzed. When j snap out of it, it was like a rubber band. I went to full alert. My cunt hole is still throbbing wanting more.

My whole body tingles, my mind is sharp as a tack.
Another first checked off the list. There were a few of those tonight.