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Weird moods 

after work we went out to celebrate little R’s birthday. It was not a long celebration as Sir did not go home yesterday. He woke up not feeling great and the weather has been rainy and dreary.

Three of us came back to my house and hung out a little. My mood had been off most of the day. The blah meter was holding at a steady 4. My little female dog has a stomach bug and constantly cleaning up after her with company around sent the steady four to a six.

When they left Sir was in a similar mood. He at his computer me 10 feet away on the couch. It was fine since we both kind of wanted to be alone, yet together.

I also felt bad because I buy just enough food and supplies for his visit. So when he stays longer, the reserves are nill. Luckily he likes pizza.

I thought I would wake up and say…. Yes, that it why I was in a crapy mood, but nope, no lightbulb.

Train is coming

yesterday was a great day. 

My broker of choice, let’s call him Denzel  freeman, took my application and promised an answer within 2 days. I found a nice but just a bit too small backup apartment.

Funny to watch my mother totally smitten by my broker. She didn’t realize it’s because he has a very comforting Dom way about him. So my mother was under his spell and I just laughed.

Then back home and as Sir promised we had a nice long chat. His next trip will be postponed, we both agreed neither one of us is feeling well and we would end up on the couch all weekend just being hermits.

Today has not been so good. My damn work computer keeps acting up. Yet again proving all electronic devices hate me!!

Then I get a text from the broker that since my ex and I filed joint on our taxes the rental office wants separation or divorce paperwork. Lol, sure if I had any. So I offered to get proof of his address. What more can I do? He’s not going in he lease, nor is he even going to know where I live, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to shell out more cash to fold papers. So I haven’t heard back……but my gut says I’ll be out looking again tomorrow😣