The Slave’s story

My previous blog I identify as a paramour . I needed this venue to figure shit out. My previous relation ship was reckless and abusive.

I don’t want to go back to safe vanilla and I know recognize I need “a sane bdsm relationship”.

In the past few weeks I have been trained to allow the real me to blossom. I wear many faces, but the true me is-a cum and pain slut but more importantly, a slave.

His slave
I will do as he wants, when he wants. I will suck, lick and fuck how he says and to any man or woman he says.

12 thoughts on “The Slave’s story”

    1. Online…. I decided what I wanted and deleted any rude messages, weeded out the fakes and after a few messages back and forth, he asked me to call him, blocking my number for privacy. Our first conversation was 5 1/2 hours long, neither one of us wanted to hang up. We spent 3 weeks talking, texting and emailing before we met. We got to know each other before we saw each other and when he touched me it was magic.

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