Funny we both don’t celebrate this day but if you look at the email this morning I guess we have.

I stopped writing here for a very good reason that I couldn’t express verbally to you.

You know better than most I work hard to not over analyze things. I feel like when I start writing here it triggers the self sabotaging ways.

I’m working really hard but in many ways failing. I’m not going there with this post.

Thank you for the reminder of the recent years past.

Funny to think there was a time that fetgirl and FGD were happy.

Sadly heading to a meeting

Sending a hug

One thought on “Happy💕”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say I know about the double-edged sword of journaling. What can serve as a means to clarify one’s perception, as a means of getting it all out without involving another person, can also open the doors to rumination, over-analysis, and sometimes rationalization. My therapist and I talk a bit about this; she’s always trying to get me to connect with how I feel, which writing/analysis doesn’t always lend itself best to. Good luck finding new tools to navigate through the complex mental/physical/emotional terrain of life and relationships.

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