Good morning

Damn I over slept!

Sir is coming in today and I’m as giddy as a girl!!!
My clothes all laid out, time table set, last minute things to prepare.
We will be meeting in the city, he has an adventure planned and I’m beyond excited. Not nervous at all since he will be with me.
I will feel him, touch him, smell him and be …… Complete again.

Last night was fun.
Didn’t go as we had planned, but it opened the door to future possibilities. I forget how weird it is to try to discuss sex with vanilla people. It’s not as easy as “hey I’d love for you to fist me” can you speak with my owner? (Giggles).

I was so happy that I obeyed sir, but upset with myself that it was not a complete success. The important thing was that he was proud of me. I got to sleep with my chain on all snug and tight. It always leads to the best nights sleep when he can’t be near me.

So type a brain time, my list won’t complete itself!!

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