I have a moment

I haven’t left my office just yet.

So yesterday I had my first official date alone with another woman. It went well. I didn’t feel wrong or slutty about it. She came back to my house and we chatted for hours. I told her all about my D/s experiences, even showed her pics of it. That was the first time I’ve ever showed anyone and I she was insanely turned on by it. We are going to make plans to play soon. Before she left I grabbed her hair and we kissed, it was nice long and sensual. I don’t want to cum from a woman’s kiss like Sir’s but I did want to force her on her knees, my cunt was throbbing the whole time.
After that I spoke with another D/s curious female swinger. It was a great chat, but I cut it a bit short as it was getting late and i wanted to hear Sir’s voice.
It was our special day and as always I called him at exactly 6 pm. Lol I even told my date that I needed to call him and all about our sweet sentimental routines. I also sent him an email I was writing all day, full of adoring words and my nasty thoughts.
Last night I went to bed wanting, no really needing to be used hard. I dreamed of many men, and screaming and being used so hard that I passed out from cuming. I’m still so aroused.
Sir knew I would be like this today, in his morning email he told me to wear one blue Luna to do my morning chores and yoga, then knowing my need to have pain:

as you have your morning coffee/tea/beverage

put the clover clamp on your clit and let the chain hang down
as you stand and drink your beverage
do not cum
touch my collar around your neck, run your fingers over it
and pull off the clover clamp from clit
embrace that pain
let it fuel your ache for more
for the whip
hearing the crack
recalling how it feels when it strikes bare ass

I did as told then fell to the floor to write him a response. I feel owned much more his than I did even 2 days ago. Plus he sent me beautiful Nsfw emails so I was sure to start my day wet. I am still in a good and ready state, wanting sir even more with every passing day.

Oh and with my previous reward post…..I lost count both times!!
That’s why he never emailed the official number, in my slave brain I was so very sure that I was scream out the numbers, guess not!

Ok, now it’s time to go……

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