Rope drop is a real Bitch

I drop, such is life. The times of fighting it are long gone. For every good thing there is an equally bad thing, that’s the bitch about balance.

Last night I just wanted to be alone, it wasn’t till I was texting with N that I realized it was drop. It also wasn’t till I spoke with Sir that I knew I was in full on Bitch mode. It makes total sense that the happy silly smiling girl, for hours after the scene would turn into the mean, short tempered woman I was last night.

Don’t really know if it’s gone or not. I went to the gym and laundromat and thankfully both were really empty. I’m working from home with no meetings and no work to do. My bosses way of giving me a day off without using my time.

Let’s see what one of my many personalities greet the two repair men coming to fix things in the apartment today?

The weather is finally nice here and it’s a real shame that Sir is not here to enjoy it. I still have the ac on during the day, but soon enough that will stop too. Planning on letting my ocd a bit loose today, clearing out old clothes that no longer fit and junk drawers that are filled with lord knows what. I also have to start on my Halloween costume. Thanks to amazon I have almost all of the pieces and they fit well, nothing so far needs to go back.

I’m also going to make a few lists…things that time has worn and need to be replaced in the house, like towels and that type of nonsense. I like fall, it’s a time that I purge and get the house prepared for the long cold months to come. I guess I’m trying to rush it, but I miss smelling that crispness in the air.

Oh and the dogs…..I think one last short cut for the end of the summer. then yoga. That’s my day. As long as I limit my social interactions, I think I should be ok. I sent little R to voicemail and am staying clear of anyone with a Russian accent. I have a game plan.

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