Whatever you do, DON’T…

cough with a butt plug in!

Lesson learned and it is by far the creepiest feeling ever. It didn’t go shooting across the room, so at least there was that.

Yesterday bitch level went to 0. I have to say it was the first time since the beginning of the year and I now know it was very much financial stress that caused it. Not that I’m not used to that stress, but I had set a goal to be better off by January 1. Sadly my HR department did not want to help in that matter and really dragged their little feets on getting me my own money.

So I paid bill after bill yesterday and at the end of the day my shoulders were lighter. Karma said “oh really” and as I walked out of work I had my bank card out and forgot to put it in my bag. The cleaning crew has been an issue at work, so the second I realized what I did I headed to the bank. I called the last person normally in the office and they had already left, so new bank card issued and life resumed. I had to check that I paid nothing with the card and everything with the actual account. It was ok. What made this different? If this would have happened yesterday I would have exploded, freaked, cried. The whole thing would have been blown up by my mind. Instead I mentally said shot happens and just fixed it.

The weather was great so rather than an hour running, I cut it to a half and spent the other half walking around and even treated myself to some perfume. Sir didn’t know the scent he likes I was on my last little bit and would only wear it when he was around. It was the first time in 20 years I was going out the door not smelling like, well, me.

I spoke to a new Domme last night. She sounds adorable, Dutch accent. Had a nice visit with L and M and Sir told me earlier when everyone leaves to go get changes and clamp my nipple and clit and call.

After a little warm up the wiki trivia started. He asked what was in north and south Dakota, I said Indians, Parks, hey I was starting subspace. He asked who was on mt Rushmore. I knew where he was heading with that question but as I said Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson my mind went blank and I said that other dude. I wanted to say where O lives, but hell that was too many words. In hind site I should have said bikers, since I know more about Sturgis than national landmarks.

After a good laugh he said, nope not an acceptable answer … take them off. Big pout from me. Then he said too get the plug. So after it was in the cough happened and oh, it was just not good, like really a gross feeling. but a bit of dominance and the Hitcahi and that feeling was a memory followed by 28 orgasm. A happy slave became even happier.

Whe my mind returned we had a nice chat and then N dropped. God she was pissed and angry and she did what I asked and turned to me. I got her to laugh and made her rational mind return, at least for a little bit.

Off to work I go….


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