Making Sir Happy

I find that as the slave in me grows so does my need to be ….. Not denied, but more teased and tormented.

I long to wait for you, to build up the need. To watch you receive joy in the way you described would send me straight to slave. 

To have your cum on my face is….. Something I long for again. To have it dry and leave it there, showing the world I am an owned slut, worthy of your cum.
I keep thinking of you taping the hitachi to my cunt and ball gagging me, but no blind fold. Taped to the chair, my slut eyes begging to cum. You saying no until you see the eye go spacey or the tears come.
I want you to watch me go from you slave girl to your needy begging slut.
I do not know if these things make you happy, but I do want to make you happy.

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