last night was a monthly party and my most favorite. The problem being the normal venue no longer hosts fetish parties. So this one was temporary and pretty but way to small. Sir and I had a long enjoyable chat with the host and he promises the next space will be much better. He’s had issues getting a space to rent due to the fallout of the public outing and drama on fet. Who would have thought in a city like New York people would be so intolerant of this community.

It was nice though to walk in and have so many friends! There was master m with lady, fet girl her partner and there poly couple, bow tie man and the bi Bulgarian, the machine and doctor hitachi…..along with the normal cast of characters…rug man, latex nymph, old man baby doll. The last two still give me the creeps sometimes.

I watched the most amazing suspension. It was a couple that you could tell we’re together. He was so fast with the rope and she was naked and floating in subspace. He had her harnessed and in two quick minutes….with one pull her whole body went upside down and she was flying! It was really a beautiful thing. 

Sir asked what I wanted more that or the machine. I must say that’s a really hard choice. We settled on being suspended and then havering the machine fuck me in the air.

Lol, no that didn’t happen, but I did get another ride on the machine.

It was hot and crowded and we knew we wouldn’t stay long. Sir seeing the way my eyes light up and there’s just the smallest bit of fear said before we leave I could have a turn.

So blindfold on and all strapped in. I was shaking with excitement. Sir said to cum and I did….he later told me, the machine wasn’t even in me yet! I lasted about 15 minutes and on the second round of orgasms broke through the restraints again. I was a shaking hsppy mess! They had me sitting in the side feeding me water and paper towels under me because my cunt wouldn’t stop dripping. 

I was his first of the night and after more girls came to try it. It’s funny that I love the crowd as long as I don’t see them until after.

When I was back to earth and recovered, we said a quick goodby and headed on our last long journey home.

It’s so great thinking about how much closer I’ll be to….everything in just a couple of weeks. Sir even saying he could visit more since the travel won’t be so far.

And who knows….just maybe next time another lovely fellow blogger may join me!! This is such an exciting time in my life.

A sincere thank you to Sir, I know without your encouragement I would never have the courage to change. Not just where I live, but much more accepting who I am. A very Mushy, happy slave (with very sore legs)!

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