The power of letting go

i under estimate how much I need certain things in my life, yoga being one of them.

The class today, one I’ve gone to only once before. It was the last class prior to my surgery. The teacher very new to the area. After the first class I went to the owner of the gym and told her what a great find the new teacher was, I’m glad to say they kept her after her trial period. So I figured it would be a good thing to start back with her class. Kind of completing the circle. 

At the beginning of the class I set a goal of releasing my anger. Honestly, I have a fuck ton of it. During one particularly hard surrendering series I cried. My face in my knee in pigeon, tears running down my face, feeling the anger caused mostly by my ex starting to go.

At the end of the class in final relaxation, she spoke of anxiety being a result of living in the future, depression a result of living in the past and only when we live in the moment can we find calm and release. So of course this emotional mess here, cried again.

Now off to happy things, brunch with female a, not bothering to change from my yoga clothes. I doubt she’ll care a bit. It’s bklyn on a Sunday, so my outfit is acceptable and I couldn’t care if it’s not!

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