i blinked and the weekend is gone. Monday will be horribly busy, so sir, I’m writing this on Sunday night.

Today was weird…. Yoga was good and brunch was good but I feel like female a and I have drifted apart. I miss her and she’s still the only vanilla that I tell everything and won’t judge, but she’s so far down the depression rabbit hole that I’m loosing her.

Then the much…. I am always so out of place there. Funny thing I decided to sit and talk with the only one more out of place than me. Lol, a tg switch from my hometown! We traded stories and have similar careers. She also helped me fend off the ever creepy Dom on the prowl. 

The 2 out cast newbies bonded. Funny we never even exchanged names. It was random conversation at its best.

I cried often today. I needed to. Oh I know you like stories, so here’s more on his girl. The baby’s not his, it’s her bosses and she lost custody of her first son. Also he didn’t pick up his son on Saturday because he was (cough… Cough) sick. His ex flipped on him because he had posted a picture the night before of him and her baby. 

So he ex drama continues……

I’m laying in bed and I hurt, but it’s a good pain, a pain my body likes, all of my muscles tingle from being so stretched. Oh and my hips are open again!!! 

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