A grand night on the plaza

My first trip to a hipster neighborhood since moving here.

I meet up with the first couple Sir and I met at our first fetish party. They are always very nice and super friendly, but have remained mostly a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.

We went to a nice moderately empty micro brew bar and got a table in the back where we could talk openly. Funny because we shared storied of many parties we were at together and turns out, they do play….sometimes.

I digress, it turns out that they really aren’t big on public play, but enjoy private. Also after the yacht party last year, they met up with the couple they played with. I wish I could remember what one  it was. Turns out that they were really hard core swingers, super pushy and had these rating scores for events and such. The yacht party was a 2 for the looks of people but a 9 for play. Dick heads. I know that personally I’ve brought some beautiful people there, so there’s not accounting for taste. They were disappointed when they found out they were in no way full swap….

So what they so like is play and toys and oral, but no cock in any other hole but the mouth. They are also pretty new to the lifestyle and haven’t been together much longer than Sir and I. They even just recently moved in together and I have to admit I had some serious apartment envy.  The view was killer and it was one of those old buildings that you have to wait for someone to die to get into.

We finished up our drinks and took our cue to leave as the bar had filled up with about 90% bearded men in there 20’s and 30’s. Back at the apartment we talked…. about parties and people we knew, our families and life before kink. It was really interesting and before we knew it it was 2 am. They called me a cab, not wanting me to wait for 2 trains, tried to give me money for it, which I politely declined as they had paid at the bar. We made promises to compare toys bags the next time and G-rated kisses, hugs, I went on my way.

For some odd reason I was up early and full of energy, so It’s not even one and all of my chores are done for the day….well, almost. Time to bite the bullet and talk to the ex-doms ex. I even fessed up to my mother all of the issues I’m having with my ex-husband. I’m starting to feel just a little bit better and lighter.



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