A night with the subs

last night I met fet girl for a drink. Our friend joined us later, I guess now I’ll refer to her as the widow.

There was hugs, laughs, very inappropriate stories and the people at the next table really got an ear full.

I told Sir about it when I got home. Too many stories to write at this time. The one thing I really got out of it….an appreciation for Sir. They both have relationships based on insecurity. We don’t. 

I mean don’t get me wrong I can be as insecure of a sub as they come but That doesn’t define our relationship. 

So after a night listening to their weird tales and Rocky love life, thanks Sir, for being a mature and caring person.

Off to work, half asleep.

Oh and thank you for the goodnight cum, I just wish I could have slept a few more hours.

10 thoughts on “A night with the subs”

  1. Hmmm, I sense that nefarious word neither of you care to mention when you mention him. We’ve spoke of it before. Ya know, that intense, deep, extreme like of some one you refuse to mention. Young lady, when are you guys just gonna fess up and admit it?!

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      1. I never really though of that, but that would be my go to. Especially with this nonsense because you know that I know that you and he both know so why pretend we’re imbeciles 😌

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  2. Oh Izzy, admit, you intensely like your “lovah” 😂 I think it’s a major break through for you, my friend. Admitting it is the hard part, yet it is so easy at the same time. I read it in texts and see it in your posts!

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