Working in

i enjoy my tuesday night class. It not crazy lady, but a much younger teacher that always gives a purpose to each practice.

Sometimes it’s to be grateful, to stay in the moment, but last nights had to do with a statement I made in passing to her.

When I get stressed or sad or an not comfortable in my life I turn to the gym. I work out until I can’t take a step. I do this for the same reason I do impact play. It’s no mystery, just the way I deal.

She noticed that I do at least a half an hour of very hard cardio intervals prior to each class. This is something I started again a couple of weeks ago. I’d love to lie and say it’s to drop more weight, but…. It’s because like a drug addict they routine I had was not enough and I am perpetually chasing that initial high.

The same reasons the bruises no longer bother me as they once did….my tolerance is growing.

She asked if I was ok, I replied im working stuff out. Literally.

So she spoke of instead of working stuff out, we need to sometimes work in. When strea gets to you, sometimes sitting and not heading to the gym will be just as much help. To turn our frantic emotions off and take a good hard look inwards.

What happens when you do that and you don’t like what you see?

5 thoughts on “Working in”

  1. You face those demons head on and you make a plan to change what you can and get over what you can’t change. You allow yourself the belief that you are worth the effort and you move forward with all the support you can find! Surround yourself with positive people and go for it …. 🙂 It can’t hurt to try!

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