It’s Monday Again

I woke up with horrible sinus issues. I fed the dogs and went about my morning routine and as I was about to dry my hair, I just had to stop.

I’m lucky that I have the option of working from home when I am like this. I don’t take advantage of it often because I need to make sure that when I can function, just not sit in an office I can.

Yesterday was hard. I got though it trying to keep a positive outlook. My stepson called me and I was so happy to hear his little voice say I love you. My ex never showed for the tax papers or returned my messages. He also neglected to tell me the prescription coverage changed and he got new cards. I found that out when I went to fill an epi pen and they wanted 635 bucks. What an ass. He also never told his other ex. I had to. That was not fun. I had hoped my days of being their mediator were over, but guess not.

My mother called last night to check on me. She said I didn’t seem like myself earlier in the day. It’s hard to explain to her how mother’s day affects me, but at least she picked up on it.

I got at least one thing going for me today, my back and hip feel fine, not even a pinch in it.

Guess I should get some work done…….Happy Monday

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