Medicine head

Total fog.

Last night I had a nice long chat with n…. One glass of wine each. 

We talked about drop, subspace, the upcoming party, shitty husbands, work, kids and the list goes on.

She told me she found a unicorn for her and her ldr friend. It was a girl did and I thought was a fake did to her flaky ways. Turns out she’s not. N said she lacked  depth, like she was nothing but a toy. That she couldn’t sit as we do and have a conversation.

I told her….what I think is the truth and that I think that’s what they need at this time. Neither wants a third in their relationship and maybe someone kinky and lacking personality is a godsend.

Sounds bad, but hey, it’s the truth.

Problem is when we start chatting, we can’t stop. So I was knitting to bring the warm weather and I realized our wine had been done for a pretty long time. Sir usually calls and tells me that it’s time for bed.

Shit…. I look and it’s an hour past my bedtime. So I did what I knew was right and called him. 

On the bright side, I slept really well and was up before the alarm. 

Sorry sir, but we had so much to talk about.

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