Not afraid to fly

ive been overly concerned with my injuries and now that I’m getting stronger, it was time.

In order for me to feel secure in the thing I wish to do, first, I needed to make myself fly.

So off to the expensive yoga studio in the city. Ribbons….. The first half of the class was ok. I didn’t see what the big deal was until the teacher readjusted my ribbon, it was too low and we started inversions.

That’s when the rush came and im hooked!! 

It was also when I realized that I can do suspension, no reason to hesitate.

After class I traveled to get girls. She has a broken ass, literally. We went up to her rooftop and had the first good normal conversation, in a very long time. I guess all of her bitterness was making her mean. Now she’s happy and im not dreading being around her. I think it helped that I also changed back into good clothes, makeup bavk on and a pair of heels. Those little steps made me feel much more her equal and less her fat ugly friend.

Then back home for a good chat with n. God it was a really long day. A really good day.

Best part, sir could hear my smile. 

Tonight, back to crazy lady and relax …..

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