Christmas redo

Last night was the Christmas I should have had the first time around.

L drove me home and the best thing was seeing Sir at my door. I found just the same food I served him on the very first visit. I think both of us are  different now. I know I’ve changed and maybe I’ve just gotten to know him better but to me he’s changed as well.

I believe over the past 2 years we’ve both learned to let our walls come down. His gifts were there and I’m glad he enjoyed the puzzle of the 50 states with the capitols. An inside joke between us and anyone that’s ever witnessed a scene when he is away.

I like to give gifts of thought and experience. So tonight what promises to be the closest thing nyc has to crazy horse. 

We had good cuddles and hugs and I finally got my much needed lap time.

I have a million little things to do but none are a burden. Mostly because I know Sir is waiting here for me.

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