Missing sir….

Sitting at work, wishing I could be home cuddled in him arms.

Yesterday sir said when I get home to have my collar on and strip at the door , walk over to the table and bend over so that I could be used.

This command had me wet and excited all day! I rushed home from work so tired, but so happy that he was there waiting for me.

He was coming out of the shower and told me up on his chair, kneeling, ass out hugging the back. Then I heard the whip. It took everything in me not to scream out and cum. He gave me such beautiful welts that I find myself touching all morning. Then on my knees, clover clamps on for the first time. The pain was amazing, hands behind my back, sirs cock in my slave mouth hole, I can cum when he does, I love the taste of sir, the feel of him cuming in my mouth, using my tongue to remove every ounce of it after he comes, keeping his cock warm in my mouth and the moans he makes when I please him. He pulled the clovers off and I came so hard but my orgasm was second to his, I received more joy from his release into my mouth than my own.
Sir got my warm sweater and sat in his chair so I could crawl up and cuddle on the floor with my head in his lap, telling me what a good girl I’ve been. He knows I like that the most. Just to know I made him happy.

When I came back from my slave space we shared food and drink and even though I was so tired I just glowed from the inside being around him.
He had a few calls to make, one to his friend b. We sent him a picture of me with the clovers on and a note saying I was done being used, was it ok to call? It was really a cute picture! So sir spoke with b and made me cum with him on speaker. Again collapsed on the floor, sir knowing how I love a good pain orgasm.
When he was finished with his calls we sat down and chatted about our plans for the new year, some possible people we would meet up with tonight and he showed me how to use my new laptop and all of the wonderful security features he installed for me. It’s moments like that when he is so caring and I give him a soft kiss on the cheek that mean so much to me, it’s better than any orgasm to just be with him in the moment. The sharing of a good conversation and the knowledge that he cares for me.

We finalized plans and it was decided we would attend a house party on nye. The party is complete with a dungeon, another first and another thing I am excited about. I would normally be nervous, but with sir there I know I will be safe.

We had dinner, went for a walk. I was able to show him some of the buildings I love near my house. It’s nice that we share an appreciation of architecture. I never thought that the bdsm and vanilla could combine so effortlessly.

When we got home it was time to cuddle on the couch, in minutes I was fast asleep. I had meant to take only a small nap knowing sirs likes a midnight snack and we discussed what I would make earlier.
He woke me, I don’t know when to go to sleep. I crawled into bed and cuddled into sir again, forgetting about making the snack.
Sir woke me up twisting my nipple, It felt so very good. I said I was sorry and I really am. I love making food for him because he always lets me know how much he likes it. Many people would never understand how much I get out of pleasing him in the little ways. Sir knows pain is not a real way to punish me. I offered to get up and make him anything he wanted, but he knew I was not used to his hours and exhausted from Sunday’s adventure. I went back to sleep with my sir, not wanting to get up this morning and almost running late for work again today(but still getting here early)
Tomorrow I get to work from home and will set up my laptop on the bedside table and will cuddle with sir all morning!!! Nothing could make me happier!
As I wrote that last word sir texted, he was up….I called anyway, not to wake him, just to hear his voice and tell him I really don’t want to be at work right now.

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