Cunt Talk

Disclaimer:If you are the squeamish person don’t read this.

So at the start of Sir and I’s relationship the first very open conversation I had with a woman was with Little R at work.  We hardly knew each other and she likes to try to shock people with sex talk.  She saw that nothing she said phased me.  Lacking a “motherly” figure she cornered me outside and wanted to know if she could ask me questions (she had no other female to go to). So I said sure.  She’s in her 20’s and experienced but like I was, at the same time, not. She watches an absurd amount of porn and her cunt doesn’t look like the girls she sees.  So I had to know, what’s so different? She’s a small girl, former dancer, Like me a tiny lower stomach that drives her nuts and she has padding.  Yup that’s what I call it.  It’s not a flat transition to her cunt.  At the same time it’s no “fat”. I laughed and told her so do I.  She was embarrassed of it and I pointed out that there are benefits to having a little lip padding.  The main being that when receiving oral you don’t bruise anyone’s face! I think that was the real start of our friendship.

So yesterday I was thinking about how bad fish’s cunt was.  Little R has been depressed and a good sex talk was in order.  She can’t hide her depression physically like I do.  Her hair has not been washed in 3 weeks, not a shred of makeup on, she had on the same pants 2 days in a row. Her pristine white winter coat is now covered in stains. She’s not in the right mind frame for me to talk about my adventures as she would go into full panic mode about my safety, especially with her friend being found dead yesterday. So I decided instead to have some candid cunt talk.

We were both earing layers of close in this 0 degree weather, but as normal I have no panties on.  She said she had to because she gets way to wet.  I let her in on a little secret that wet is good and she just needs to let her cunt breathe.  Then she told me about how she has heavy discharge and her wet is not clear and even though she is clean (aside from her hair) she will get a strong order during the day for no reason.  That made me think, back in my 20’s I was the same way.  Maybe it’s a hormonal thing but I would use about a can of cunt spray a week and have to clean  myself everytime I went to the bathroom.  Also being super aware if I was going to have sex as I never wanted to taste myself on another.  So light bulb, Maybe fish wasn’t dirty, just way to turned on and young.  I think she still should have excused herself proior to play and cleaned up, but possibly her body just reacted.

I told Little R that one of the good things she can look forward to as she ages is that the wet never goes away, in my case is more, but the smell does and also you become clear, not cloudy and …..ugh, clumpy? I didn’t realize that I had physically changed in this way.  This is not to say that when I work out I don’t smell or that I am a bunch of roses when I’m turned on, but that as you hit your mid-thirties and you start to sexually peak, your body gives you this gift.  This ability to be wet, not in the least bit wanting to hide it, but looking forward to seeing it drip down your leg.  She was so embarrassed when she admitted that happens for no reason.

I learned a few things with the cunt talk.  One I’m happy that mine is a little padded and always wet. Also that I really never want to lick Little R or any young girl again before at least make her strip first and watch for the smell!

Side Note- So happy, the furniture store just came and replaced the couch cushions that Aruba girl squirted all over! Thank goodness I have dogs and could blame them for the stains.

Off to be productive and give a quick call to Sir.

5 thoughts on “Cunt Talk”

  1. My discharge became clumpy after I was down with Bartholin’s cyst. Sucks for me. Funny, just days ago my discharge smelled like a woman’s discharge…I miss her but she doesn’t reply to my texts anymore. What a bitch!

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