Why Snow, Why?????

So yet again another party that I was looking forward to and…… yup more snow!!!

I can not wait until I am no longer part of the bridge and tunnel crowd,  I’m so close to the city, but so very far away.  I would have frozen my big slave of an ass off getting there and back. Plus this is the first day I am feeling normal after being sick for so long.  I just really didn’t want to push myself and get sick again.  Sir said I was excused. THANK YOU!

I talked most of the day on the phone to all of the vanilla-ish people I needed to.  They say I’ve become distant and are afraid of loosing me.  Spoke with female A and told her about the sex clubs and she is excited to go (when the weather warms up). She’s super straight but kinky and I think she will like the show, plus she loves to dance so I’m thinking the one right near her would be good since the first floor is a dance club with play rooms upstairs.  I even spent some time with my mother today.  I was able to get a surprise for Sir and food shop.

The plows are finally coming down my street but the sidewalks are a mess and it’s going to rain, so it will be ice.

I am going to curl up with a good book(or so little R says). I used to read a book a week, but now find it hard to even get in a yoga class.  So some down time by force tonight.

Sir just texted that he misses me and I miss him to.  Today was the first day I woke to emails from him in a while.  I miss that, the waking up to things he found online for me, but more his words.  Tonight I’m feeling a little ….venerable. Guess that comes with the whole slave mind frame.  Also because of this weather.  I wish I was with him watching Netflix, used and tired.  Instead I’m just having some dinner now.

I did get to tell my cousin about some of my adventures. That was good, she told me about a few doctors she has been fucking.  We are very similar except her youth was not as wild due to having children at a young age.  She thinks maybe this whole phase we are in is due to our age and inability to deal with it. I don’t think so, this is just who I am and I’ve been in hiding for so long.Oddly she’s blogger to, her blog is funny sarcastic and all about her views on sex and the crazy people around her.  She used to sell sex toys (in home parties) for a living.  I wish she still did, I could really use the discount!

I also spoke to a girl L, she sounds sweet but is into the whole club every night scene and that’s something I Murdock Rule.  If I was rich and didn’t have to work fine, but I’m way to old for that. Also I am just not comfortable with large groups of people yet. I love to watch but I’d rather just have a nice small group at a house.  I’m so glad Sir agrees with that. Lol, I just received yet another text from a friend of mine saying “where have you been, it’s like you just vanished”. So looks like the book will have to wait, one more phone call to make…….

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