1/4th of a Year

Today marks three months since Sir and I found each other.

I can’t speak for his feelings or life prior to me.  I know I was so lonely, a desperate soul.  I had just a small taste of what a D/s dynamic could be and knew it was something I needed.  I put it out to the universe to bring me a strong enough person to deal with my past, a gentle enough person to be in my present and a committed enough person to be part of my future.

We have so many very special moments and are extremely sentimental, making every good moment and first together.

Sir sent this morning



New Years


and shorty, your birthday

3 months

!/4 year

I’ve lived and felt more emotions (good and bad) in just 3 moths than I have in my entire life.

I’ve been more comfortable expressing the real me than I ever thought possible.  Sir brings out every part of me, the slut, the whore, the slave, the woman, the empath, the smart girl, emotional connection to him is what I crave the most every day.I never knew submission could be like this.  I give him my everything, my body, heart and soul.

In return he truly takes care of me.  He holds me and comforts me.  He builds me up with his sweet words, never wanting to break me.  He cares about every part of the woman I am becoming.  I would have stayed a shell, empty never reaching my full emotional potential without him.

I have had times of great doubt in myself and ability to please Sir, but he has always been able to ground me. For me even with all of the adventures and kink I document in this blog, they are nothing without the emotion I have for my Sir.

So tonight I will pour my wine and iced tea, but this time my cunt will be dripping, excited and not nervous, pick up the phone with no doubt or hesitation and call my Sir.  I will want to jump through that phone line into his arms and tell him how happy he has made me. I look forward to waking everyday because I am his. Little R asked last night when did I get into BDSM and I looked at her and said it was always in me, waiting for the right person.  That is Sir the right person for me. I wish he was here, sleeping sound so that I could serve him on this very special day.  I’m sure I will be writing much more mushy posts today even if I am busy. I am finding the words both hard to find and yet hard to stop.

I am a good happy slave, slut, pain and cum whore, just the way Sir has trained me to be!!!

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