Date with don

so I normally write my blog in the morning or in slave space. 

Tomorrow will be busy and I’ll set this to post so Sir can read it in the morning.

I don’t think I’ve ever properly thanked Sir for my birthday present. I’m sorry for that. I’m sitting on my big comfy normally abandon couch looking and noticing even in the pristine state I have a beautiful environment. I was taught young a clean house is a clean mind and if your house was pretty enough you’d never be unhappy. Lol, big lie. But sitting here I can see how that could be true. Today was good, productive. 

Dogs walked, weather enjoyed, everyone was out. Waist training done and I’m settled in with my date, courtesy of my Sir. The whole time I’m wet and knitting for Sir. 

Side note: the snow should stop, it’s almost done. I can rest well knowing at the first chill next year Sir will have a warm neck.

So I used to watch tv, I had my favorites, but I haven’t. I lost my ability to just sit.  Sir thought it was weird I never made it past season 2 with madmen. Last time he was here we started watching the last season. So now everyday I set aside 45 minutes for my date with don. 

Thank you Sir! 

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