Independence Day

4 hours of sleep under my belt and it’s time to start moving. My cousin is taking a nap. Have to wake c in an hour and I’m ready.

Sir sent a very encouraging email, thank you. It will be a day of ups and downs, but I have a good support staff.

C was a total pain in the ass last night. I had a task that I was looking forward to, but she just wouldn’t give me any privacy. I think she thought I was too fragile to be left alone, but no that wasn’t it. My cunt was dripping a day…well until she got here. She has an automatic off switch on my body. I love her but damn if she can’t bring a mood down.

Lots to do but I find myself at a stand still for the next hour.

Tonight will be fun. I’m saving my toy box for little R to unpack. That should tesult in a few good laughs.

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