finally getting them into the vets.

I had a dream they both ended up put down today. Not a great start to my Saturday. Followed by the oh crap, I have to put this bloated body into a pair of jeans. Three pairs later I found ones that fit, my muffin top is horrendous but luckily it’s cold enough to camouflage with a sweater.

I over did the walking yesterday and blew up like a damn balloon. 

One good thing, I got a message from C, her daughter got a 90 on her English project and the teacher said if she passes the next test it will be a passing grade for the quarter!

At this point around 9am my mom came to get me… Lots has happened since but I’m not in the writing mood tonight. 

3 thoughts on “Dogs”

  1. Let’s talk muffin tops and dogs privately ☺ So happy to hear of your goddaughter!! I am guessing the talk went smoothly. I hope anyway! I am praying you’re well on your way to recovering well as I know this has been difficult for you. If you need to talk, you have my email. Love, hugs and well wishes my friend!!

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