Time flies….

yesterday mid afternoon I had 14 things on my list to do after work. 

All things to prepare for Sirs visit. I somehow managed to get 12 done by the time I left this morning, while also fitting in gym time and a visit with N.

Honestly I didn’t sit down until 10pm, logging over 20,000 steps. Hyper mode. At least it kept the drop away that’s been trying to throw me off.

It may come, but at least if I can stay distracted I will be crying in Sirs arms and not holding a dog.

Last night I spent some time educating N about this lifestyle and going more into explaining the internal chemical reactions and how they manifest.

She also promised, when sir leaves and “the big drop” comes she will be there. She even said she’d send the kids to pick me up and weather permitting we would do a nice bbq and swim. So I’m happy that she really knows first hand the issues I face when he leaves. She’s been there.

I’m nervous for this visit. Nervous because ….. It’s been very long since I’ve had many adventures and at last count there’s a possibly for 5 of them along with three vanilla excursions…..

I’m just hoping I can hold it together and not do a freak out. I know I have done that in the past.

But…. Maybe I won’t, since I’m not that girl anymore.

Just trying to get through the day…

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