Welcome back

i shared with Sir in a note, that it seems the time between each trip gets longer and longer. 

Last night due to holiday traffic his ride to me was very long. I kept busy completing my list, gyming and even took the dogs for a long walk.

We met half way from the train and a big hug. Back to the house to dro the bags and off for him to get pizza. I’m still sticking to my meal plan, so we brought it back so I could sit and eat with him.

Earlier in the day we were both very horney, but we were exhausted and time talking and cuddling is just as important as the kinky stuff.

So good food and chatting, then a little TV and cuddles, off to bed for more.

Sir said he noticed the work I’ve been doing just by the first hug. It’s funny because I guess since a month has past he sees the progress easier than I do.

Up to get my green drink and weigh in then back for a few cuddles before we head out on an adventure.

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