What a shit show 

A common theme in my adventures is the constant mess ups of the nyc transit system. I’ve discovered the correlation with the better the night the harder of a time commuting I’ll have. 

Yesterday a 40 minutes trip turned into 2 hours and a massive breakdown multiple train lines. After 2 breakdowns and a hunt through Chinatown for a cab I met the female and was only 20 minutes late.

Ugh, I hate being late.

We had a good chat. Discussing our general dislike of a rather large submissive group. It was funny because I told her about the fight and that whenever I’m around them…. The sadist comes out. We laughed. 

Like Sir she enjoys that im not a generally submissive personality. Meaning day to day and outside of my kinks, im just me and most of the time, that’s a woman with history and opinions. This particular group…..well, they barely function as humans.

We talked parties and people and had a good vanilla time.

FGD and N were headed in by car and got stuck in a bit of traffic. By the time they got there we ended up leaving for the art event.

The female went home to take care of the new puppy and the three of us walked. It was really nice. FGD had his camera back and took tons of pics. I even got to shoot it for a bit. 

It’s was amazing how easy it was…. Meaning the plans, conversation….just everything was easy. 

We didn’t see the art stuff until the very end. Due to the crowds we walked the opposite  way on purpose and circled around at the end.

Plans were made to get done new toys and I mentioned Id like to go to the party next Friday, but organizing the big group takes a lot out of me. I’m playing with the idea of keeping it a little smaller. Seems many of us have drama in real life and I feel bad not inviting them to escape it, but it would be nice to not always be watching over them. It’s a weird thing but I know that when Sir comes in it gives me a break from that role and with our last couple of visits not happening (for really good reasons) im starting to burn out.

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