People are stupid

i swear I work and surround myself with morons.

I’d love to expand on this, but this work day has me contemplating going home early.

Lots of shit happened yesterday that isn’t worth the time or effort to write. Sir I believe thinks that I am too affected by others, but I’m tired of feeling like a puppet having my strings pulled. 

My mother started a battle with my aunt and on top of the other stuff, im now caught in that. Yesterday an aunt from my fathers side posted a baby pic of me and my paternal grandmother and now I get to read how much they miss her. She was fucking evil. Plus my sister is going on and on…. Makes me want to puke.

Funny how in death, they canonize people that in life were real pieces of shit. 

I wish I could have stayed asleep today. 

Instead as soon as im out of here, back to the Chiro and prep the house for sir. Right now his visit is the only bright spot I have.

4 thoughts on “People are stupid”

  1. I feel your pain. I’m taking some vacation days this week as it is our anniversary and we are heading to Nashville for some much needed alone time. I can not wait horrible as I feel.

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