Quiet day

Fuck, now I totally jinxed it 🙂

Yesterday was a mess. N and her husband got into a fight. It escalated so quick and turned physical. I have to say I’m worried for her well-being. After we headed to a farm in Jersey with a big group to forget about the stress and shit going on. It was fun, until a bee stung her on her palm.

Then back home and L from work came by. She had a best friend that she parted ways with 2 years ago because the girl developed a really horrible drug addiction and she saw no way of helping her, she tried. The girl passed away Friday. She’s a mess, dealing with the guilt and loss of hope, knowing for certain now that there will never be the hope of repairing the lost friendship or the girl getting clean.

Today was going to be yoga in the city then brunch treated by l’s friend (a thank you for the wedding hair and makeup), but now that’s changed. It was funny because L’s friend has seen all the crap with little R and I and was profusely apologizing for cancelling. I felt so bad, I told her please, death trumps any plans, it has no schedule that we can plan for, than gave her a hug.

So today will have the chance to be either a calm or who the hell know kinda day. I just told someone, it sucks but I think these two things was what I needed to get my head out of my ass and see that things could be worse. So as shitty of a person as it makes me, I’m feeling better as everyone around me is dealing with much worse things than I am.


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