Take a break

It’s friday! 

This has been a really long week, so no meditations, no lessons, just try to enjoy the day. That’s an order from Sir, the enjoy part, the rest is all me.

He’s out of the hospital and I was able to sleep for the first time in a week. I’ve been functioning on about 2 hours a night, mostly I just lay there, staring at the ceiling waiting for the phone to ring. The nervous stress energy making me way to mentally and physically wired.

Becky saw me today and asked if I had a hot date? I replied, no I actually slept last night and did my hair. Amazing how the normal things fall to the side.

I took to writing the meditation  stuff as a way to let sir know I was worried, but not to burden him with it. Hospitals and all things medical are my field and this past week reminded me of why I no longer work in case management. 

It meant so much, that good long talk we had last night as I sat on the stoop, enjoying the breeze after a 2 hour train trip home. Your questions to me …. they showed a great amount of trust and respect. 

Today I’ll head back to the city for another class and then n and I are going to walk the Brooklyn bridge. FGD might join us, but he’s going through his own shit right now. 

Sending the biggest hug to you Sir, like I said yesterday, we will figure everything out as we go.

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